The East Greenbush Chess Community is an educational community service.

We are an inclusive educational community that uses chess as a fun teaching tool for people of all ages.

We are about chess, people, communication, and connection - as in people connection. People leading people. People teaching people. We are a community. You will never hear a pin drop at EGCC.

Our organization is structured to reach a broader audience than one would generally find in the usual chess "club" environment. While we certainly do our best to help our more ambitious members improve their competitive skills, our spotlight is on providing an inclusive community learning experience. Hence, visitors have commented that EGCC seemed to have a much higher "energy level" compared to chess clubs they visited. That probably means they found a much higher "tolerance for noise" at EGCC than they would find in a seriously competitive club. This seems natural since our focus is on exposing the benefits of this amazing intellectual sport to the general population at large - people of all ages - as opposed to having an emphasis on competition.

Through the use of class instruction, competition, coaching and other activities, we help individuals enjoy the many Benefits of Chess to awaken and improve their brain function. Every activity we do is intended to stimulate the brain and avert mental atrophy - just two of the reasons why chess is great for people of all ages. We do our best to provide mental workouts and have lots of fun in the process!

Chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it's simply about learning. And so is Life.